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Abdanan Nature
Abdanan Nature
Abdanan is located in Iran
Coordinates: 32°59′33″N 47°25′11″E / 32.99250°N 47.41972°E / 32.99250; 47.41972Coordinates: 32°59′33″N 47°25′11″E / 32.99250°N 47.41972°E / 32.99250; 47.41972
Country Iran
 (2016 Census)
 • Total23,946 [1]
Time zoneUTC+3:30 (IRST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+4:30 (IRDT)

Abdanan (Persian: آبدانان‎, Sorani Kurdish: ئاودانان‎, Kurdish: Awdanan‎)[2] is a city located in the south of Ilam Province, Iran with local local name of AWENO. The population of the city was 60,213 in 2016.[3]

Clip of nature of Abdanan City, By: Adib Mohamadvali

The city is located within the Zagros Mountain ranges, one reason of being a destination for popular tourism . Around the city many natural resources such as oil, sulfur mines and oak forests are found. The city is of paramount importance regarding the army strategies and tactics due to strategic location on the border line between Iran and Iraq; one of country's Air Force bases is located at this city which has been considered as a strategic airport in the case of emergency situation. This airport is called Abdanan Airport (OICD) and can be used by air force for military purpose. Beautiful city in Zagros mountains.


Abdanan shares its borders from north and east to Darreh Shahr, south and west to Dehloran, southeast to Andimeshk. Mountains Kabir Kuh and Dinar Kuh Protected Area separate the city from Darreh Shahr and Dehloran.


Attraction in Abdanan are Julian ancient city, zhilio,archaeological sites such as Tapeh khodadad, Tapeh Siahgave, Tapeh Golhey, Tapeh Sabzehamam , Posht Ghale, Takhtan waterfall, Butak spring, Herzardar and Hezarani castles reminder of Sassanid era, Siahgaav twin lakes, etc.


The majority of the people in Abdanan speak in Southern Kurdish dialects, but some of residents speak in Kurdish, Laki, Luri, and Arabic.[4]


The economy is based on agriculture and livestock also small industrial units are present.

Famous persons[edit]

Dariush Rezainejad, nuclear energy scientist, was born in Abdanan.


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