Abdasa Taluka

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Abdasa Taluka
અબડાસા તાલુકો
Abdasa-Nalia Taluka
Abadasa Taluka, Abrasa Taluka
Abdasa Taluka is located in Gujarat
Abdasa Taluka
Abdasa Taluka
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 23°15′N 069°00′E / 23.250°N 69.000°E / 23.250; 69.000Coordinates: 23°15′N 069°00′E / 23.250°N 69.000°E / 23.250; 69.000
Country  India
State Gujarat
District Kutch
Population (2001)
 • Total 97,508
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Lok Sabha constituency Kachchh
Vidhan Sabha constituency Abdasa[1]

Abdasa Taluka is a taluka (administrative subdivision) in Kutch District, Gujarat, India.[2] Its administrative centre is the town of Naliya. The taluka covers 2,398.26 square kilometres (926 sq mi).[3]


In the 2001 India census, Abdasa Taluka had 97,508 inhabitants, 51.0% (49,740) male and 49.0% (47,768) female. This represented a 12.9% increase from 1991. The gender ratio in 2001 was 960 females per thousand males, a significant change from the 1002 value of 1991.[3][4] The taluka was entirely rural.[4]

Points of interest[edit]

The Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, also known as Lala–Parjan Sanctuary, is located in the taluka. With an area of about only 2 square kilometers, it is the smallest sanctuary in the country. There are approximately 30 great Indian bustards here, second in population only to Desert National Park, Rajasthan.[5][6][7]

Also Abdasa Taluka is a major pilgrimage center for Jains as it holds their sacred and famous five temples located in five towns of taluka - Jakhau, Naliya, Tera, Kothara and Suthari[8] - which are in group known as Abdasa ni Panchtirthi - meaning five tirthas of Abdasa.


Abdasa Taluka has eighty-five panchayat villages,[9] and a total of 167 villages.[10]


The main crops are cotton, millet, groundnut, sunflower, and wheat.[11] Bentonite is commercially mined.[11]


Abdasa Taluka is drained by three rivers namely - Khari river, Kankavati river and Berachiya river.[11]


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