Abdel Wahab el-Beshry

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Abdel Wahab el Beshry
Abdel Wahab el-Beshry.jpg
Minister of Defence
In office
29 September 1962 – 10 September 1966
President Gamal Abdel Nasser
Preceded by Abdel Hakim Amer
Succeeded by Shams Badran
Commander of Armed Forces
In office
19 June 1967 – 22 July 1969
Preceded by Shams Badran
Succeeded by Amin Howeidi
Personal details
Nationality Egyptian

Abdel Wahab el-Beshry was a Minister of Defence of Egypt during the period Gamal Abdel Nasser was President. He was among the leading figures in Egypt during the 1960s.

He served as Defence Minister until 10 September 1966 when he was replaced by Shams Badran.[1]

He also had command of the Egyptian Armed Forces for two terms, one of which was after Abdel Hakim Amer's death.


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