Abdelaziz al-Malzuzi

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Abu Faris Abdelaziz ibn Abdarrahman al-Malzuzi al-Miknasi (born in Meknes, died 1298) is considered to be the greatest poet of the Marinid period.[1] He is also well known as an historian. There is little known about his life, besides that he was the court poet of Abu Yahya ibn Abd al-Haqq. Among his many poetical works is a long didactic poem about the history of prophets. According to Ibn al-Khatib (the biographer of Ibn Abd al-Haqq) Al-Malzuzi mixed his Arabic with Zenata elements. He himself was from the Berber Malzuza tribe of Tripolitania. He died encarcerated, in 1297-1298.


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