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Coordinates: 52°18′30.6″N 6°11′35.7″E / 52.308500°N 6.193250°E / 52.308500; 6.193250

Sion Abbey around 1929

Sion Abbey (Dutch: Abdij Sion) is an operational Trappist[1] monastery in Diepenveen, Overijssel, Netherlands, in the Diocese of Utrecht.

The monastery, which was set up in 1883, is a daughter house of Achel Abbey. This is the only Trappist community in the Netherlands north of the great rivers (i.e., the Nederrijn, the Lek, the Waal, the Merwede and the Maas). Since 1935 the monastery has had the status of an abbey. Most of the complex is in Neo-Gothic style and was designed by architect Gerard te Riele.

The community now (2010) comprises 15 monks.


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