Abdillahi Mohammed Ahmed

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Abdillahi Mohamed Ahmed "Qablan": Hon. Abdillahi (1926–1993) was born in 1926 in Las Khorey. He was taken to Aden at the age of five and had Quranic and Elementary education there. At the age of thirteen he went into business and began to rise in this career step by step until he became Branch Manager for the Firm A. Besse and Co. In Bosaso.

In 1946, he joined the Somali Youth League and in 1960 was elected to the party in Berbera. He went into politics in the Legislative Council during the general Elections of February 1960. For a brief period he was an Under-Secretary in the first Abdirashid Government.

From September 1964 until he resigned from Abdirizak's Government in April 1966, he was Under-Secretary for Finance. He was elected from Las Khoreh both in 1960 and in 1964. He was also Minister of National and Co-ordination (now Planning) in the Mohamed Ibrahim H.Igaal Government.