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Abdo may refer to:


An alternative spelling of Abdu, a masculine Arabic given name, and a nickname for Abdul.

Given name
Middle name
  • Ali Abdo, Iranian Australian boxer and founder of Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club and Chairman of Persepolis F.C.
  • Ali Abdo (wrestler) (born 1981), Australian freestyle wrestler
  • Geneive Abdo (born 1960), American journalist, scholar and author
  • Jay Abdo (born 1962), Syrian American actor
  • John Abdo, American health and fitness expert, businessman, nutritionist and motivational speaker
  • Kate Abdo (born 1981), English TV sports presenter and journalist
  • Mohammed Abdo (born 1949), Saudi singer
  • Naser Jason Abdo (born 1990), American former US Army Private First Class of Jordanian origin. American conscientious objector and sentenced in 2012 with terrorism-related charges
  • Reema Abdo (born 1963), Canadian backstroke swimmer and Olympian
  • Tom Abdo (1894–1967), American poker player

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  • Abu Abdo or Abu Abdo al-Fawwal, famous ful parlor in Aleppo, Syria

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  • Abdu (disambiguation)