Abdollah Movahed

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Abdollah Movahed
Abdollah Movahed.png
Personal information
Full name Abdollah Movahed Ardabili
Nationality Iranian
Ethnicity Persian

Abdollah Movahed Ardabili (Persian: عبدالله موحد اردبیلی‎‎, born March 20, 1940 in Babolsar, Mazandaran) is an Iranian wrestler who competed in freestyle at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

He joined the national team at a fairly young age. His coaches soon noted his technical prowess, and believed that with the proper conditioning, he had the potential to be a world champion. Their suspicions were confirmed; for six consecutive years, Movahed won every major contest that he entered.[1]

The highlight of his career was the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, where he won the gold medal for Iran. He competed again in the 1972 games, but injured his shoulder in the early rounds, and did not advance to the finals. Movahed later moved to the USA, but refused to train American wrestlers because they might face Iranian opponents in major tournaments. He is listed in the FILA wrestling hall of fame.[1]

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