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Abdoulaye Ascofaré (born April 20, 1949 in Gao) is a Malian poet and filmmaker.


Ascofaré was a radio host until 1978, at which point he became a teacher at the Institut National des Arts in Bamako. In 1984, he received a diploma in film studies from the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography, and in 1985 he joined the Centre National de Production Cinématographique in Bamako as a director.

Beginning in 1991, he produced several short films, and in 1997 he produced his first full-length film, Faraw, une mère des sables (Faraw, a mother of the sands), which retraces twenty-four hours in the life of a Songhaï woman. Faraw won the Golden Bayard for Artistic Creation at the 1997 Namur Film festival.

As a poet, he has published Domestiquer le rêve (Domesticating the Dream).


  • Welcome (1981)
  • M’sieur Fane (1983)
  • L’Hôte (1984)
  • Sonatam, un quart de siècle (1990)
  • Faraw, une mère des sables (1997)

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