Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim

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Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim

عبدالعزيز عبدالرحيم
அப்துல் அஸீஸ் அப்துல் ரஹீம்
Azeez Rahim.jpg
Chairperson of Tabung Haji (TH)
In office
1 July 2013 – 14 May 2018
Prime MinisterNajib Razak
Mahathir Mohamad
Preceded byAbi Musa Asa'ari Mohamed Nor
Succeeded byMohammed Nor Md Yusof
Member of the Malaysian Parliament
for Baling
Assumed office
5 May 2013
Preceded byTaib Azamudden Md Taib (PAS-PR)
Majority5,185 (2013)
1,074 (2018)
Personal details
Abdul Azeez bin Abdul Rahim

(1966-11-19) 19 November 1966 (age 52)
Selangor, Malaysia
Political partyUnited Malay National Organisation (UMNO)
Other political
Barisan Nasional (BN)
Spouse(s)Khadijah Mohd Noor

Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Azeez bin Abdul Rahim (Jawi: عبدالعزيز بن عبدالرحيم, Tamil: அப்துல் அஸீஸ் பின் அப்துல் ரஹீம், romanized: Aptul asīs piṉ aptul rahīm; born 19 November 1966) is a Malaysian politician currently serving as the Member of Parliament (MP) of Malaysia for the seat of Baling in the state of Kedah. He is a member of United Malay National Organisation (UMNO), a major component of the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition. Due to his South Indian descent, he speaks fluent Tamil in addition to Malay and English.[1]

Government linked companies (GLC) and Non-governmental organisations (NGO)[edit]

In 2011 Abdul Azeez became a director of Tabung Haji (TH), a Malaysian fund for Muslims to save for the hajj pilgrimage. In 2013, after his election to Parliament, he became Tabung Haji's chairman.[2] However in 2018, after his reelection as member of parliament and the change of ruling government to Pakatan Harapan (PH), he resigned as chairman of Tabung Haji.[3]

Azeez also founded and headed the Putera 1Malaysia Club (Kelab Putera 1Malaysia), a non-government organization that has, among other things, led humanitarian missions to Gaza.[4] In 2012 Hamas appointed him as an honorary ambassador for Palestine.[5]

Political career[edit]

Party career[edit]

Abdul Azeez was elected to UMNO's Supreme Council, the body that governs the party, in 2009. He was the 25th and final candidate elected.[6] He was re-elected to the Supreme Council in 2013, this time finishing in seventh place.[7] He formerly headed "Putera UMNO", a group for young members of UMNO when he was the EXCO member of UMNO Youth.[8]

Parliamentary career[edit]

Azeez was chosen as the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the seat of Baling at the 2008 election. He lost to the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) candidate, Taib Azamudden Md Taib, by 7,613 votes. The state of Kedah swung back to BN at the 2013 election, and Azeez, selected again as the BN candidate in Baling, was elected to Parliament.[9] He was re-elected in the 2018 election.

Controversies and issues[edit]

Corruption Allegations[edit]

On 22 May 2018, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) raided and seized over RM500,000 in cash of various currencies, some documents, jewellery and luxury watches in several houses and offices in four states occupied by Azeez.[10][11] In the midst of MACC investigation, Azeez announced he had tendered his resignation as the Tabung Haji's chairman on 14 May 2018.[12][3]

The MACC arrested Azeez with his elder brother and cousin on 25 September 2018.[13][14] Azeez was released on RM500,000 bail after his 10-day MACC remand ended.[15] But MACC arrested his 24-year-old son the same day he was released.[16]

Tabung Haji on 30 November 2018 reported to police against Azeez as its former chairman and senior management over alleged misuse of RM22 million belonging to a charitable fund for politically-linked activities.[17]

The MACC again arrested Azeez and his brother on 15 January 2019 where he was charged with 3 counts of RM 5.2 million graft and 9 counts of RM 139.4 million money laundering totaling RM 144.6 million on the next day.[18]

Election results[edit]

Parliament of Malaysia: Baling, Kedah[9][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26]
Year Government Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct Ballots cast Majority Turnout
2008 Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (UMNO) 28,461 44.10% Taib Azamudden Md Taib (PAS) 36,074 55.90% 65,764 7,613 83.47%
2013 Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (UMNO) 43,504 53.17% Najmi Ahmad (PAS) 38,319 46.86% 83,109 5185 89.20%
2018 Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (UMNO) 38,557 42.60% Hassan Saad (PAS) 37,483 41.41% 92,128 1,074 85.93%
Mohd Taufik Yaacob (PPBM) 14,472 15.99%


Honours of Malaysia[edit]

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