Abdul Khaliq Hazara (assassin)

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Abdul Khaliq Hazara
Born 1918
Died 1933
Kabul, Afghanistan
Occupation Student
Criminal penalty Death
Criminal status Executed
Conviction(s) Assassination of King Mohammad Nadir Shah

Abdul Khaliq Hazara was a 15-year-old Afghan student at Nijat High School in Kabul who assassinated King Nadir Khan of Afghanistan on 8 November 1933, during a reward distribution ceremony. He was quickly arrested and later executed. "Security officers tortured Khaliq by cutting his tongue and gouging his eyes and soldiers killed him with bayonets while his family and friends were forced to watch."[1][2] He belonged to the Shi'a Hazara ethnic group.

According to one hypothesis, the assassination of Nadir Khan may have been done in revenge for the execution of Ghulam Nabi Charkhi that took place a year earlier.[3] Ghulam Nabi was a former Afghanistan ambassador to Moscow who took part in the Afghan civil war of 1928-29 as a supporter of the previous ruler of Afghanistan, the reform-minded Amanullah Khan (ruled from 1919-29).

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