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Dr. Abdul Latif Tibawi (Arabic: عبد اللطيف الطيباوي‎‎, 1910–1981) was a Palestinian historian and educationalist. Born in Taybet El-Muthalath, near TulKarem, he was one of the earliest graduates of the Arabic College, Dar Al-Mu’allimin, in Jerusalem. He read history and Arabic literature at the American University of Beirut and later earned a Ph.D from the University of London in 1948. Prior to the mass migration of Palestinians he was a senior education officer in Jerusalem. He was in London when the crisis of 1948 unfolded. He became a refugee and was appointed Lecturer in Comparative Education at the Institute of Education, London, where he taught until his retirement in 1977. Tibawi wrote extensively on many aspects of Middle Eastern history in both English and Arabic.

He established a fund for Palestinian postgraduate students at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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