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Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid

Abdul Malik Mujahid is an American Muslim Imam a producer, author, and non-profit entrepreneur. He was born in Pakistan in 1951. Imam Mujahid has been selected five times as one of the "World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims.” [1]


He is the founding president of Sound Vision which was established in 1988 in Chicago. It is a not for profit organization which develops Islamic content and does public relations for the peace and justice causes. He is the executive producer of Chicago's RadioIslam.com, a daily one-hour (6 to 7 PM CST) talk program on WCEV 1450 AM.[2]

Imam Mujahid has been active with the interfaith movement since 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions was revived. He has addressed the Parliament in Cape Town South Africa, Barcelona, Spain and Melbourne, Australia.[3] In November 2009, the Board of Trustees of the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions elected him as chairman. His term was effective January 2010.[4] He chaired the international 2015 Parliament in Salt Lake City which was attended by 10,000 people from 50 religions and 80 countries.[5][6][7]

Imam Mujahid has been one of the active faith leaders asking for better policies on the climate change. Addressed a major interfaith gathering along with Al Gore at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, the evening of the September 21, 2014 historic march on the climate change Imam Mujahid announced the climate change will be one of the major theme of the forthcoming Parliament of the World's Religions.[8]

He has been a major supporter of the humane treatment of the undocumented workers, speaking and leading one of the largest marches in Chicago history for immigration rights.[9][10] Imam Mujahid has served at the steering committee of the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights. As the national coordinator of the Bosnia Task Force, USA, in the ’90s, he successfully led efforts in collaboration with the National Organization of Women (NOW) to declare rape as a war crime.[11]

Imam Malik Mujahid also chairs a coalition Burma Task Force USA, that reaches out to media and community stakeholders, US policymakers and international NGOS and human rights groups to raise awareness of ongoing genocide and persecution. Burma Task Force includes involvement of 19 other organizations from the Muslim American community.[12] Based on Burma Task Force lawsuit a federal court summons Burmese President Thein Sein and several Burmese ministers for human rights violations allegedly committed against the stateless Rohingya Muslim minority.[13] The US embassy in Yangon, however, issued a clarification that the lawsuit has nothing to do with Washington’s policy toward Burma.[14] He co-chaired an international conference in early 2015 at the Nobel Peace Institute, Oslo, Norway, where 7 Nobel Peace Laureates declared that what Rohingya are facing in Burma is a "text book case of genocide".[15] The Nobel Laureates included Desmond Tutu from South Africa, Mairead Maguire from Ireland, Jody Williams from the USA, Tawakkol Karman from Yemen, Shirin Ibadi from Iran, Leymah Gbowee from Liberia and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel from Argentina.[16] Burma Task Force is housed at Justice for All, a not for profit organization and the member of the Task Force.[17]

Under Imam Mujahid's leadership Sound Vision also initiated and coordinated an informal network of 26 Muslim organizations against domestic violence.[18]

As an Imam, he gives Friday sermons ("khutba" in Arabic) at various Chicago mosques and prayer locations.[19]

From 2005–2008 he served as Chairman of the Council of the Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago(CIOGC)[1].

He has served on the Independent Task Force on Civil Liberties and National Security by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York from 2006-2009.[20]

In 2008 he served on the Credentials Committee of Democratic National Convention.[21]

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid is a founding member of a political organization called; Muslim Democrats [2]

He has authored one book, "Conversion to Islam: Untouchables Strategy for Protest in India," which won the Outstanding Academic Book of the Year Award in 1990 from the American Library Association[3].

People are occasionally confused with his namesake Abdul Malik Mujahid, a General Manager of Saudi-based Dar-us-Salam Publications [4]. They are unrelated to each other.


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