Abdul Quddus Gangohi

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Abdul Quddus Gangohi (1456–1537) was an Indian Sufi scholar.


Abdul Quddus Gangohi was born in Rudauli, now in Faizabad, India.[citation needed] His father was Muhammad Ismail bin Safi al-din.[citation needed]

He was a Sufi poet and Chisti shaykh.[1] He belonged to the Sabiri branch of the Chishti silsila.[2]

In 1491 he moved to Shahbad in Haryana.[citation needed] Thirty years later, he moved to Gangoh (Saharanpur district), attracted by the reputation of Ahmad Abdul Haqq.[3]


Maktubat (letters of Abdul Quddoos Gangohi Maktubat Quddoosiya) (مکتوبات قدوسیہ اردو ترجمہ)[4]


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