Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait

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Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sumait
عبد الرحمن السميط
Born(1947-10-15)15 October 1947
Died15 August 2013(2013-08-15) (aged 65)
EducationSpecialization in Internal medicine and Digestive Diseases[1]
Alma materUniversity of Baghdad, Liverpool University, McGill University
OccupationPhysician, islamic preacher
OrganizationKing's College Hospital
Known forPhilanthropic Efforts
AwardsKing Faisal International Prize[2]

Dr. Abd Al-Rahman bin Hamood Al-Sumait (Arabic: عبد الرحمن السميط‎, abd al-Rahman al-samet; 15 October 1947 – 15 August 2013) was an Islamic scholar, medical practitioner and Humanitarian from Kuwait.[3] He was famously known for his extensive philanthropic works in more than 29 African countries benefiting millions of people in several ways.[4]


Born and raised in Kuwait, Al-Sumait was a qualified doctor specializing in internal medicine and gastroenterology before becoming involved in charity work. He graduated from the University of Baghdad with a BS in Medicine and Surgery, a diploma in Tropical Diseases from the University of Liverpool in 1974. He completed his postgraduate from McGill University in Canada, specializing in internal medicine and digestive systems.[5]

Career as Physician[edit]

Al-Sumait has practiced medicine at Montreal Public Hospital from 1974 to 1978.

Medical Research[edit]

  • The open between pancreas and colon – published in the Canadian Medical Society Magazine.
  • Cancer of the remains of stomach after the good ulcer surgery – a research that was submitted in the conference of Royal Physicians College In Canada – Quebec City – February 1979
  • Examination by telescope for checking amoebic swelling in Colon – it was published in Digestive System Telescope Magazine – edition 3/1985 at the United States of America.
  • Studying the importance of the emergent telescope in the cases of digestive system bleeding (applications on 150 cases), it a research that was presented in the Digestive System Conference, Montreal Public Hospital in 1978.
  • Vitamin (B12) as a factor to cure the liver cancer (Not published).

Philanthropic efforts[edit]

Abdul Rahman Al Sumait is the founder of the Africa Muslims Agency (new name, Direct Aid), and has worked as its secretary general from 1987 until his death in 2013. He is also the founder of Kuwait Relief Agency and worked as its CEO from 1987 to 2013 and coordinator of Health Attaché for the Kuwait Embassy in Kenya.[6][7] Following is a list of charity and welfare institutions founded by Al-Sumait:[5]

  • Founding member of the Montreal branch of the Muslim Students Society, 1974-1976.
  • Founding member, Malawi Muslims Committee – Kuwait 1980
  • Founding member, Kuwaiti Relief Committee
  • Founding member, International Islamic Charity Authority – Kuwait
  • Founding member, International Islamic council for Call and Relief – Kuwait
  • Member of Charity Rescue Society – Kuwait
  • General Secretary of the African Muslims Committee, 1981 – 1999
  • Chairman of Direct Aid, 1999 – 2008 Member of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society – Kuwait
  • Editor-in-Chief of Al Kawther Magazine, 1984 until his death.
  • Member of the council of trustees of Islamic Call Organization – Sudan
  • Member of the council of trustees of Science and Technology University – Yemen
  • Chairman of the board of Faculty of Education – Zangbar
  • Chairman of the board of Faculty of Shari’ah and Islamic Studies – Kenya
  • Chairman of Charity Work Studies Center – Kuwait

Direct Aid[edit]

In 1981, Al-Sumait founded the Africa Muslim Agency, later renamed as "Direct Aid" society. The society provides extensive humanitarian assistance to impoverished people throughout Africa. It has built 124 hospitals and dispensaries, 840 schools, 204 Islamic Centers, 214 women training centers and 2,200 mosques. The society has also established two colleges in Kenya and Zanzibar, offered 200 scholarships to Muslim African students to pursue higher studies in medicine, engineering and technology.[2]

Direct Aid has its offices in 29 African countries.[8] In addition to that, it was considered a General Consultant in the Economical and Social Board of the United Nations in 1998.[9][10]

Detention and Imprisonment[edit]

AL-Sumait was imprisoned twice in his life. The first in Baghdad in 1970 and the second time in 1990 when he was arrested by Iraqi intelligence forces during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He was shipped to Baghdad and subjected to severe torture. Later in his life when looking back at this terrible ordeal he stated:

I had no doubt whatsoever that I would not die except at the moment Allah had ordained for me.[11]



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  5. Features of Evangelizing Book, Scientific Study.
  6. Managing the crisis faced by the labors of the Islamic Organizations (Under Printing).
  7. Safety and Evacuation in Disputed Areas.
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  10. Manual of Relief Centers Management.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Award of chairmen of the Gulf Cooperation Council held in Muscat,1986.
  • prize of King Faisal Ben Abdul Aziz “May Allah Show Mercy to him” for serving Islam and Muslims 1996.
  • Award of the Gulf Cooperation Council for serving the scouting movement.
  • Award of the two rivers of the first class provided by the Republic of Sudan 1999.
  • Prize of Sheikh Rashed Al Noaemi, the governor of Ajman Emirate 2001.
  • Honored PH.D in the field of Islamic Call from Om Dorman Islamic University in March 2003.
  • Fars Award from the president of the Republic of Benin 2004.
  • Prize of Sheikh Hamdan Ben Rashed Al Maktoom for Medical and Human Sciences- Dubai- Emirates December 2006.
  • Fars Award for Charity Work from Al Sharekah Emirate 2010.
  • Honored Certificate from Voluntarily Organizations Council from Arab Republic of Egypt – Cairo.
  • Charity Work Prize from Al Sheikh Mohamed Ben Rashed Al Maktoom, governor of Dubai. – for Human and Charity Work.
  • Al Sharekah Prize for Human and Voluntarily Work 2009.

Final Months and Death[edit]

Al-Sumait struggled his way through the last few months of his life; traveling from Kuwait to numerous places including Germany in search of medical treatment for his ever-worsening medical state.

On 15 August 2013, it was announced that Al-Sumait died from complications of a heart condition.

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