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Abdul Rauf Benawa (1913–1987; Pashto: عبدالرووف بېنوا) was an Afghan writer, poet, journalist, historian and social activist. One of his major works is a series of educational poems called "Sad Reflection" (1957). He died in exile in the United States.

Benawa wrote many works of literature. Some are:[1]

  • 1941: There is no time (nelarem Wacht ")
  • 1942: Virgin unfortunate (Nâmurâda ndželej ")
  • 1947: Literary Theory (Adabi funun ")
  • 1948: Thoughts sorrowful (Prêsâna afkâr ")
  • 1961: Contemporary Writers (likwâl Hosanna ")
  • 1966: Mystery of the heart ("The zrre chwâla)


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