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This is a Malay name; the name Mohaideen is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Abdul Razak.

Professor Dato' A. Razak Mohaideen is a Malaysian film director.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Pulau Pinang on the 22nd of January 1965. Mohaideen obtained his Master of Art in Film and Television Fiction from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom in the year 1997. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Mohaideen worked as a script writer before moving to directing. He debuted as a director with the film Gemerlapan.

The Latest Turn[edit]

The last few movies by Prof Razak has been refreshing. This includes 'Raya tak jadi' and 'Bujang Telajak'. According to a source, his next few upcoming movies will perhaps silence his critics. A distinct display of a different style that can be seen in Duyung and Cinta U-Turn will perhaps be appreciated. The executive producer of the professor's movie, Mr Latiff Mohaideen, is confident that it will be a matter of time before Prof Razak and Lineclear Motion Pictures Sdn Bhd before both will get international recognition. Cinta U-Turn was a joint venture between Lineclear Motion Pictures and Pyramid Shamira (a well-established company in India which focusses on films and distribution.) Mr Latiff says, "It is only a matter of time before we are a success story in the international scene, Insha Allah."

Anak Mami series[edit]

Mohaideen's first Anak Mami the Movie was actually under Grand Brilliance which hit RM 3.8 million at the box office. This was later followed by Anak Mami Kembali, under MIG Beats[1]


Duyung (translation: Mermaid) is a Malaysian fantasy comedy film that was released on March 6, 2008.[1] The film is directed by A. Razak Mohaideen and produced by KRU Films (now known as KRU Studios) in association with Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd and Line Clear Motion Pictures. It stars Saiful Apek as a kind-hearted man who encounters a mermaid, portrayed by Maya Karin.

Bujang Telajak[edit]

Bujang Telajak is a Malaysian comedy about three close friends, Saiful, Nabil and Johan who fall in love and compete with each other to grab the attention of a girl named Puteri.

Mohaideen's Additional Work[edit]

Mohaideen's first film after leaving MMP, Bujang Senang, was a commercial success which was produced by Lineclear Motion Pictures Sdn Bhd made over RM 3 million at the Malaysian box office. This is clearly indicating that his works speak for him and he is not dependent at all to MMP. It is quite the very opposite actually. Relatively upon releasing Bujang Senang, Mohaideen directed another box office hit entitled Nana Tanjung which collected RM 3.1 million at the Malaysian box office. These two Box Office Hits after leaving MMP went on to proof Mohaideen reputation as a Box Office Director in the Malaysian context that his movies still touches the hearts of many Malaysian viewers. This is a classical example of a Midas Touch working on its own. Mohaideen creates his own tipping point and all his movies catches on local Malaysian viewer like an epidemic. Mohaideen is the first Malaysian Director to re make his work to a Thai movie. Cinta Kolestrol was re shoot and made into Thai version Kolestrol Teerak and became a hit in Thailand. His current project, an international action movie titled Dead End, is a joint venture between MySiam Ventures Sdn Bhd and Prime Film International Co. Ltd., in collaboration with the Thai film studio In Dream Production/Pechpanna Productions.[1]

He has made over thirty films in the Malaysian market.[2] He won a Special Jury Award for Portraying Social Community Culture and was the Producer of one of the Best Short Films at the 2007 RTM Short Film Awards. In 2011, he has been awarded National Academic Award (Creative) and received Malaysia Book of Records for directing most number of film by an academician.

Personal life[edit]

He serves as the Dean of Faculty of Film, Theatre & Animation for Universiti Teknologi MARA. He is also one of the lecturers involved in the setting up of the Faculty of Performing Arts there in 1998.

He is married to Nazeera Ahmed Bazari and has two children, Batrisyia Abdul Razak and Aniq Aqil Abdul Razak who were born in the same year in 1997.


Year Title
2002 Anak Mami the Movie
Mami Jarum
2003 Mami Jarum Junior
2005 Anak Mami Kembali
2006 Nana Tanjung
2007 Nana Tanjung 2
2009 Sifu dan Tongga
Rasukan Ablasa
Skrip 7707
2010 2 Hati 1 Jiwa
4 Madu
2011 Ratu the Movie
Raya Tak Jadi
2012 Ngorat
2014 Mana Mau Lari
2015 Chowrasta
2016 Anak Mami Nasi Kandaq


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