Abdulkarim Zanjani

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Sheikh Abdulkarim Zanjani (1887 – 1968) was a Shiite man. He was born in the city of Zanjan in the village of BarroBarrout. He went to Tehran to study and at the same time concerned with politics and affairs which Islamic nations confronted with. At 22 years old, he went to Najaf and there he was the pupil of the great men of the religious sciences like Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Yazdi and Seyyed Mohammad Firouz Abadi. He as soon as possible reached to authority level. He also had a good insight and skills in the sphere of the Islamic philosophy. He had two great accomplishments, one concerned with reconciliation nearnessess of sects and Islamic cults, other with the development of Islamic philosophy. Some of his works as follow:

  • Avicenna lasted through his works
  • Al kendy
  • the development of philosophy
  • discussion on jurisprudence and other works in philosophy and jurisprudence and other sciences. He finally died in 84.


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