Abdullah Gaith

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Abdullah Gaith
Abdullah Gaith.jpg
Born 28 January 1930
Died 12 March 1993

Abdullah Gaith (28 January 1930 – 12 March 1993) was an Arab actor from Egypt. He was the younger brother of actor Hamdi Gaith, who died in 2006.

Abdullah Gaith was born in a village called Kafr Al-Shalshalmoon in the province of Al-Sharqeyyah, Egypt. He studied theatre at the High Institute of Theatrical Arts.

Among his theatrical works are: Al-Husain as a Rebel (Al-Husain Tha,eran- in Arabic), Mahran the Youth (Al_Fata Mahran), and The Visit of the Aging Woman (Ziarat Al-Sayyidah Al-Ajuz).

Among his numerous works in TV : Sukun Al-Asifah (The Calm of the Storm) (1978), Ibn Taimeyyah (1984), Musa Ibn Nusair (the great Arab Muslim ruler of Africa who managed the conquest of Spain), Abu Zaid Al-Hilali (1979), Antarah (1979), Al-Sindibad (1985), and Al-Kitabah Ala Lahmin Yahtariq (Writing on Burning Flesh) (1986).

Ghaith's most famous work in cinema is Mohammad, Messenger of God (U.S. title: The Message) (1976) which narrates the story of the rise of Islam.

Later life and death[edit]

Abdullah Gaith died on 12 March 1993 of cancer.


Year Title Role Notes
1964 Adham al-Sharqawi
1965 Al Haram (The Sin)
Al-Simmal Wal Kharif (The Autum's Quail) Based on the novel by Naguib Mahfouz
1976 Mohammad, Messenger of God Hamza ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib
1988 Milaff Samiah Sha,rawi (The File of Samiah Sharawi) Abdel Hakim Amer