Abdullah Ibn Umar Badheeb Al Yamani

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Abdullah Ibn Umar Badheeb Al Yamani
Abdullah Ibn Umar Badheeb Al Yamani.jpg
Born 1814
Mocha, Yemen
Died 14 January 1892
Kahatowita, Sri Lanka
Cause of death natural causes
Resting place Kahatowita, Sri Lanka
Other names Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Umar Badheeb Al Yamani(RA)
Religion Islam (Sunni (Sufism))

Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Umar Badheeb Al Yamani was the eminent Islamic scholar and Sufi from Hadramout, Yemen arrived in Sri Lanka in 1858 and until his death he did grade works for Sri Lankan Muslims. Sheikh Umar Badheeb was the one of significant figure among Sri Lankan Muslim leaders or reformers in 19th centaury. He did unique services for Sri Lankan Muslim education with M.C. Siddi Lebbe and Orabi pasha. Sheikh Umar Badheeb also guided the people toward spiritual way and he was the Sufi sheikh and founder of Qadiriyatul Badheebiyya Sufi Order.

Early life and education[edit]

Sheikh Abdullah Umar Badheeb Al Yamani was born Mocha, Yemen. He gained primary education in his home town. He went to Mecca to study. Sheikh Umar Badheeb studied Islamic sciences and Arabic language under sheikh Usman Mirghani Makki (RA) in Garnd Mosque of Mecca. He also taken Sufism of sheikh Usman Mirghani Makki (RA) and later Sheikh Umar Badheeb traveled to Egypt and He Studied Fiqh, Tafseer, Arabic Grammar and literacy in Al-Azhar University. When he studies in Al-Azhar, He got opportunity to study under Sheikh ul Azhar Ibrahim al-Bajuri(RA).

Later life[edit]

Sheikh Badheeb was Complete His Graduate Study in Al-Azhar University and He traveled to India from Egypt along with Sheikh Assayed Ahmed Ibn Mubarak for dahwah or teaching Islam for Muslim in there. In India Both they travelled to Malabar, Kerala to Visit Sheikh Abdul Rahman. They stayed some days in Sheikh Abdul Rahman house and started their dahwah. After Many days ago Sheikh Badheeb travelled to North India and Sheikh Assayed Ahmed Ibn Mubarak travelled to Sri Lanka. During his Indian visit he wrote his experiences in books. At that time some ignorant campaigned against Prophet Muhammad (Sal)’s parents states. Sheikh Badheeb denied that ignorant allegation and wrote a book against their allegation under the title of ‘Zuhbathul Muslimeen Bi Abawai Seyyidil Mursaleen’. Later Sheikh Badheeb travelled to Sri Lanka.

Sheikh Badheeb Arrived in Sri Lanka in 1840 after short stay, he returned to Yemen. He arrived Sri Lanka again 1958.[1] When he come to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka was ruled by British Colonial regime. At that time Sri Lankan Muslims educational level were in low level. The Egyptian revolutionary leader Orabi Basha Also arrived Sri Lanka in the same time Sheikh Badheeb arrived. Orabi basha and Sheikh Badheeb Arrivals was more helped to M.C. Siddi Lebbe to carry out Sri Lankan education revival among Sri Lankan Muslims. Sheikh Badheeb became Sufi Sheikh of M.C. Siddi Lebbe. M.C. Siddi Lebbe found the Colombo Zahira College with the help of Sheikh Badheeb, Orabi Basha, Wappachhi Marikkar and others. Sheikh Badheeb also helped M.C. Siddi Lebbe to open many schools in many places around Sri Lanka. In this period Muslims Scholars effort to revival in Spiritual side, Sheikh Badheeb was the grade Sufi sheikh who gave his contribution to develop Qadiriyya Sufi order in Sri Lanka.[2]

Sheikh Badheeb travelled many places in Sri Lanka such Mawanella, Madulbowa, Hemmathagama, Kandy, Gampola and many other places. Sheikh Badheeb stayed in Hemmathagama for some years and called people toward right path. He established a takkiya in there. Sheikh Badheeb also found a school in Madulbowa, Today it’s called as Madulbowa Badheebiyya Maha Vidiyalaya. Sheikh Badheeb later came to Kahatowita and stayed until his death in there. Sheikh Badeeb built a takkiya near Kahatowita Grand Mosque. He guided people toward right path with spiritual practices. Sheikh Badheeb found of Badheebiyyatul Qadiriyya Sufi Order. He formed rathib Majlish and Zikr Majlish. Also Sheikh Badheeb formed annual feast commemoration. Sheikh Badeebh established the school in baheebiyya takkiya, Later it replaced to another land. Today this school known as Kahatowita Al-Badriya Maha Vidiyalaya. Sheikh Badheeb was the grade Islamic scholar and Education revivar in the 19th-century era among Sri Lankan Muslims.


Sheikh Badheeb did many services for Sri Lankan Muslims. He lived in kahatowita his last time. Sheikh Badheeb died on 14 January 1892 in kahatowita. He was buried in Kahatowita Badeebiyya takkiya.[3]


Sheikh Badeeb was the prolific writer and he has written many books on various topics.

  • Sailul Warid

This book was mainly directed against the distorted ideas and wrongful practices that had crept into the Muslim society in the name of Islam.[4]

  • Risaltul Atkaar
  • Riyaalul Ginaan
  • Nassemun Najdi Bi raddi nunkiril Mahdi
  • Soorul Mukarrabeen Bi raddil manjoobeen

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