Abdullah Quraishi Al-Azhari

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Maulana Alhaj Abdullah Quraishi Al-Azhari
Maulana AQA.jpg
Born (1935-09-19) September 19, 1935 (age 80)
Region Imam and Khateeb of Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad
School Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamā‘h
Main interests
Hadith, Tafsir, Adab, Qirath, Khateeb and Islamic Philosophy

Maulana Haafiz Qari Alhaaj Abdullah Quraishi Al-Azhari (Arabic: مولانا عبداللہ قریشی) (born September 19, 1935, Hyderabad) is the current Khateeb[1] and Imam of the grand Mecca Masjid and Vice chancellor of Jamia Nizamia in Hyderabad. He is well known for his Qutbah in Mecca Masjid and unique way of reciting Qir'ath. Maulana has spent 24 years as Khateeb and Imam of Mecca Masjid and his 'Khutbah' (Friday Sermon) is appreciated by many scholars everywhere. Maulana has been teaching Qir'ath since 1974, and has hundreds of students who have mastered the Qir'ath under his teaching and have won several awards all over the globe.


Maulana is the son of Alhaj Abdur Raheem, who was born in Dundigal, District of Andhra Pradesh and was also the Imaam of the Makkah Masjid. He was a Scholar and teacher of the Qur'an. He had total 6 Sons...

  • Late Hafiz wa Qari Abdul Wahab
  • Hafiz wa Qari Maulana Abdullah Quraishi
  • Late Hafiz wa Qari Ali
  • Late Hafiz wa Qari Abdul Hai
  • Late Hafiz wa Qari Abdul Qayoom
  • Hafiz wa Qari Abdul Aleem

Maulana presently stays in Panch Mohalla, which is near to the Mecca Masjid and adjacent to the Chowmahalla Palace in Hyderabad,


Maulana Abdullah Quraishi Al-Azhari came to Hyderabad from Dundigal and started his studies as a student in Hifz and Qirath of the Quran in Mecca Masjid. Then he studied Metric from Aligarh Muslim University and Graduated from Osmania University. Then he completed Fazil in Jamia Nizamia and Academics from Nagpur University. Maulana then completed his M.Phil by research on "Dawatul Islamia Al Ma'aasirah Fil Hind". The Government of India then decided to send him to Al-Azhar University in Egypt in 1964 where he completed 'Shahadatul Aliya' and 'Shahadatut Taqassus'. He stayed in Egypt for 8 years and also learnt Qir'ath from Sheikh Ibrahim Awad in Egypt and recited the Qur'an at many places on several occasions there.

Return from Egypt[edit]

Maulana came back from Egypt in 1973 after completing his studies. After coming back to Hyderabad, the 8th Nizam, Nawab Mir Barkath Ali Khan was inspired with Maulana's Qir'ath and opened a school for teaching Qur'an with Tajweed. It was called Idaarah Mukarram Jah Dar-ut-Tajweed Wal Qir'ath, which was located in Purani Haweli. He is an Arabic Scholar and has also taught Adab since 1978 and was Sheikh-Ul-Adab in Jamia Nizamia. Presently, he is the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Nizamia.

Qur'an Recitation[edit]

Maulana has mastered Qir'ath from Qari Abdur Raheem, Qari Abdul Bari and Qari Kaleemullah Hussaini. He also learnt Qir'ath from Sheikh Ibrahim Awad in Egypt. Maulana has a unique way of reciting Qir'ath in which all the Tunes which are called 'Lehja' in Arabic, can be completed in 5–7 minutes. He has won several awards all over the world for his Recitation. There are many Competitions that are being held globally, and his deciples also go to these competitions to represent him and also to win them. His sessions on Qir'ath are conducted everyday after Fajr and has been continuing since more than 30 years. The name of the Qirath school is Idaarah Mukarram Jah Dar-ut-Tajweed Wal Qir'ath,, which was opened by the 8th Nizam of Hyderabad, after he was inspired by Maulana's Qirath. Below are the places where he has taught the Qir'ath.

In 1974, Minister of Petroleum of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Zaki Yamani came to Purani Haweli and was very inspired by his Qir'ath. Since then, Maulana has judged many Qir'ath competitions all over India, including Malaysia in 1974 and the Middle East.


Maulana became a Disciple of Hazrath Shah Ismail Hussaini Qadri Multani and obtained Baiyyath and Khilafath from Hazrath Syed Moizuddin Qadri Multani in 1950. He obtained 'Silsilah Chishtiya' from Hazrath Syed Shah Noorullah Hussaini Ifteqari. Presently, Maulana has around 70-80 disciples who have been blessed with the Multani Silsilah and frequently attend the sessions on Tasawwuf conducted at his residence.

Islamic career[edit]

  • 1974–Present - Teaching Qir'aath for 37 years
  • 1978–Present - Vice Chancellor of Jamia Nizamia and Teaching Adab
  • 1979-1981 - Recited Taraweeh in Chicago, USA continuously for two years
  • 1982-1993 - Principal of Lateefia College for 11 years
  • 1987–present - Khateeb and Imam of Mecca Masjid since 24 years
    • Compiled by Abdur Razzaq Mohiuddin, son-in-law of Maulana.


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