Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr

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‘Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr (Arabic: عبدالله ابن ابو بكر‎) (fl. first half of 7th century) was the son of Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza and Abu Bakr, the first Rashidun Caliph.

He was married to Atika bint Zayd ibn Amr and hence a cousin of Umar. Abdullah was so much in love with her that he failed to attend to other duties. He did not participate in the Muslims' various military expeditions and even neglected his prayers. Abu Bakr gave vent to anger and told his son in plain words that his failings and shortcomings were too serious to be overlooked. Abdullah placed himself to the mercy of his father, who decreed that the punishment for such lapses was that he should divorce his wife within three days. After three days, Abdullah divorced Atika.[citation needed]

After this he would neither eat nor drink. He would sob and sigh and sing heart-rending verses giving expression to his grief over the loss of his beloved. The divorce of Atika became the talk of Medina. When Muhammad came to know of the matter, he annulled the divorce and the lovers were reunited.[citation needed]

Abdullah was very particular thereafter to ensure that his love for Atika did not stand in the way of his duty to God. He participated in all Muhammad's subsequent campaigns.

He was wounded in the Siege of Ta'if, and later died of these wounds in 633 AD. On his death, his wife Atika composed an elegy in the course of which she said:

[citation needed]

After Abdullah's death Atika resolved that she would not remarry. She kept her resolve for four or five years. Umar felt distressed that one so young and beautiful should remain a widow and advised her that she should marry. When Umar became the Caliph, he himself proposed to her. After some hesitation, Atika accepted him.[citation needed]

At the wedding feast, Ali congratulated Umar and sought his permission to talk to the bride. He reminded Atika of her resolve not to remarry. Thereupon Atika burst into tears. Umar consoled her with the words:[citation needed]

[citation needed]

By Umar, Atika had a son named Ayaz. The lineage of Abu Bakr did not continue through his son Abdullah.

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