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Gender Male
Other names
See also Abraham, Abey, Avi

Abe /ˈb/ is commonly used in English-speaking countries as a diminutive of the masculine name Abraham, or as a personal name in its own right. It may refer to:


  • Abe Attell (1884–1970), American world champion Hall-of-Fame featherweight boxer
  • Abe Bailey (1864-1940), South African diamond tycoon, politician, financier and cricketer
  • Abe Burrows (1910–1985), American playwright, director and humorist
  • Abe Cohen (1933–2001), American football player
  • Abe Cunningham (born 1973), American drummer of the alternative metal band Deftones
  • Abe Eliowitz (1910-1981), American college and Canadian football player, member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame
  • Abe Fortas (1910–1982), U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice
  • Abe Goldstein (1898–1977), American world champion bantamweight boxer
  • Abe Hawkins (died 1867), American jockey and freed slave
  • Abe Laguna (born 1992), American DJ
  • Abe Lemons (1922-2002), American college basketball player and coach
  • Abe Lenstra (1920-1985), Dutch footballer
  • Abe Levitow (1922-1975), American cartoon animator and director
  • Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), 16th president of the United States
  • Abe Lyman (1897-1957), American jazz bandleader
  • Abe Martin (1908-1979), American college football player, head coach and administrator
  • Glenn Martin (coach) (1906-1997), American college football, basketball and baseball coach
  • Abe Mosseri (born 1974), American professional backgammon and poker player
  • Glenn Osser (1914-2014), American musician, musical arranger, orchestra leader and songwriter
  • Abe Pollin (1923-2009), American businessman and owner of several major sports teams
  • Abe Saperstein (1908–1966), UK-born American founder and owner of the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Abe Segal (1930–2016), South African tennis player
  • Abe Terry (born 1934), English rugby league footballer of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Abe Vigoda (1921-2016), American actor

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  • Old Abe (died 1881), a bald eagle, the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment in the American Civil War