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Abe-ryū (安倍流)
Abe-ryū Kendo (安倍立剣道)
FounderAbe Yoritou 安倍頼任 (1624−1693)
Date founded1667[1]
Period foundedEarly Edo period
Arts taught
KenjutsuSword art
Ancestor schools

Abe ryū (安倍流, Abe-ryū) or Abe-tate-ryū (安倍立流),[2] also known as Abe-ryū Kendō (安倍立剣道, Aberyukendo), is a Japanese sword school founded by Abe Yoritō (安倍頼任) in the 17th century.[3] Abe was a disciple of Taisha-ryū,[4] an offshoot of Shinkage-ryū.[1] He was considered a Kengō (great swordsman) and instructor to the Akizuki-han in Chikuzen Province.

The Abe ryū is known as the first major school of kenjutsu to use the term kendō (剣道) in 1673,[2][5][6] although the characters had also been used earlier in China.[7] Kendō, or ken no michi, "the way of the sword", describes the teachings of his ryū[7] which emphasized mental and moral practice rather than physical techniques.[4] There is no direct connection between the Abe-ryū usage of kendō and the kendo practiced today.[7]


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