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Abee is located in Alberta
Location of Abee Alberta

Abee is a hamlet in Alberta, Canada within Thorhild County.[1] It is located on the Canadian National Railway and Highway 63, approximately 16 kilometers (9.9 mi) northeast of Thorhild and 49 kilometers (30 mi) south of Boyle. It has an elevation of 665 meters (2,182 ft).


The only mass recovered from the Abee meteorite, a brecciated enstatite chondrite now on display at the American Museum of Natural History

The hamlet was named for A.B. Donley, lumber company manager.[2] Harry Buryn found the Abee meteorite, which is only example in the world of an EH4 impact-melt breccia meteorite, in June 1952 in his wheat field.[3]

Amenities and Services[edit]

It has a community hall and a postal outlet.

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Coordinates: 54°14′16″N 113°01′40″W / 54.23778°N 113.02778°W / 54.23778; -113.02778 (Abee)