Abee (meteorite)

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Abee meteorite
Type Chondrite
Class Enstatite chondrite
Group EH4
Country Canada
Region Alberta
Coordinates 54°14′19″N 113°01′20″W / 54.23861°N 113.02222°W / 54.23861; -113.02222Coordinates: 54°14′19″N 113°01′20″W / 54.23861°N 113.02222°W / 54.23861; -113.02222[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 9 June 1952
Found date 14 June 1952
TKW 107 kilograms (236 lb)[1]
Abee meteorite.jpg
Small 1.26 g slice.

Abee is an enstatite chondrite meteorite fell on 9 June 1952 in Alberta, Canada.


The Abee meteorite fell at 11:05 p.m. on 9 June 1952. A stone of 107 kilograms (236 lb) was recovered from 6 ft (1.8 m) deep crater.[2]

It was found five days later in Harry Buryn's wheat field located in the community of Abee, Alberta, Canada; which is located in Thorhild County, along the Canadian National Railway and Highway 63, 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) north of Thorhild and 49 kilometres (30 mi) from Boyle.


Abee was classified as enstatite chondrite with a petrologic type 4, thus belongs to the group EH4.[1] It is the only example in the world of an EH4 impact-melt breccia meteorite.[3]


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