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Abeer Almadawy ( عبير المعداوي ) (pronounced Ăbér ĀlmādàŴý ) (born April 1, 1970) is an Egyptian novelist, writer and journalist.

Abeer Almadawy

Abeer Almadawy was born in Alexandria city in Egypt, on April 1, 1970. She belongs to her father Ra fat Almadawy Yousef Albasuney and her mother Nae-ma Hantch, it said that the mother had deep Irish roots. She has one elder sister called Sohir Almadawy. At age 10, Abeer Almadawy Abeer Almadawy had moved to the industrial city Al-Mahala Al-Kubra El-Mahalla El-Kubra, where her father's family live and there she grew and showed up her writing talent.Abeer Almadawy wanted to study journalism initially, but her father insisted to be a teacher,that she did. She joined the Arts and Education College and took license of English Language, where she was influenced by western literature. Abeer had been influenced by her father who was following the philosophy of Marxism and communism during his youth, thus the young girl grew up on different philosophy, the something that pushed her to love philosophy in general and looking for something that suits her. But also it led later to develop her talent in writing.After graduation, she worked for two years as an English teacher and was a candidate to teach English internationally. She married to an Egyptian engineer, Mos-sad Shraky, and went to Saudi Arabia with her husband where she had a daughter, Rowan, and a son, Ahmad. She currently lives in between Riyadh SKA a 6 of October city, Egypt and there she follows her work as a novelist, writer and journalist. Abeer Almadawy Abeer Almadawy got the name of the ambassador of creativity because of her writing with both languages the Arabic as well as the English and writes in different problems that the middle east Arabic countries face, so she considered as an Arabian free voice in the west; her journalist colleagues gave her this title for her huge effort to spread peace and love around the world. It is known that Almadawy works with American PR such as All voices.com and Topix.com. Actually who looks at A beer's life will see many ups and downs. especially in her work as a novelist and writer. She stopped to write or provide any creative work many years because she faces in her way of life many obstacles and challenges.but her dream to be a novelist and story teller attracted her to prove herself and confront the challenges.After 10 years of daily work could to have big name famous names through her works in the internet journalism and she could to advance step by step and managed to publish in SKA her first " novel the Embrace of thorns". No soon the name of the novelist Abeer Almadawy around world became famous and she has huge number of readers who follow her writing.



Abeer Almadawy started to write stories early and her first award was at the age of thirteen. She applied to the junior high school contest for stories and she entered two long stories "The curse, when fell" and "My way in life", winning first prize. Then Abeer found her way in writing in novels and stories. Almadawy writes with both Arabic and English languages.


  • The Embrace of Thorns, 2010, Published with "Dar Al Faker Arabia house". Also private Egyptian publish with "Dar Oct ob house".
  • Way of Passion, Published with " Dar Alwaraq house" 2011.
  • The foreigner's Island, under publishing with "Dar Alwaraq house".
  • The paradise of Coma .
  • Won't go back to the dry river, 2002, Electronic publishing with the Arab literature website
  • The rings of light, 2005, Electronic publishing with the Arab literature website
  • Suicide with Love,published with 2013 Dar Oct-ob.


  • Cry of conscience, 1987, published with Dar Algeel house
  • Not Me, 2011, published with Dar Ocotob house
  • While we take a peek, 2012, published with Dar Al-Mahrousa- Egypt


  • Almadawy has various articles in both Arabic and English on different subjects, including political and social issues.
  • Her most famous article called for the public trial of President Mubarak.
  • Also she writes weekly 2 article columns in Arabic languages with Al-Jaliah magazine, one of them is entitled with "Dream"
  • Now Abeer Almadawy is owner and chief editors of Castle Journal daily Newspaper with its 2 editions of English and Arabic.

Political life[edit]

Abeer Almadawy belongs to a big family which is famous for its members who were interested in politics. It started with her grandfather Almadawy who belonged to the Al-Wafd party. Also her father Rafat Almadawy was a politician in the Socialist Party in the days of Jamal Abd Nasser. He belonged to the Communist Party but during the period of President An war Al-Sadat, he was forced to escape with his family and stay away from politics. Thus Abeer Almadawy learned and gained her political experience from her father that she showed later in her works. On her official website she states that she is liberal.

Egyptian Revolution of 2011[edit]

Almadawy played an important role during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 as the rest of Egyptian revolutionaries. Before the outbreak of the revolution, Abeer was one of the Egyptian youth who rejected the existing political system, especially since the Death of Khalid Mohamed Said. Soon after the parliamentary elections of November 2010, Egypt had entered a critical political period. For the first time, Abeer Almadawy decided to support The Change movement http://taghyeer.net/ that is led by Dr Mohamed El-Baradei Mohamed AlBaradei . and called friends and Egyptians who live abroad as here.

During the early days of the revolution, Almadawy was strongly involved through the media and she could to transfer the real information and scenes of Cairo's Tahrir Square across all govern orates of Egypt to the world. Though she was in Riyadh, she played a very important role when the Egyptian authorities stopped the communications service in Egypt. Abeer Almadawy could communicated to groups of reporters around Egypt. She used a telephone to communicate up to date news; she was transferred to the global network by her colleagues at the American PR community All voices.com. She was also able to collect the voices of the world to support the Egyptian revolution of the Egyptian. There was a strong showing of support when a group of her Japanese friends staged a demonstration outside the Egyptian embassy in Japan to support the Egyptian people and their revolution. Despite these experiences, she refuses to join any party to work in the political realm as she believes, and used to write, "the thinker's role is to move the events by their ideas and thought only."


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