Abel's Island (film)

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Abel's Island
Directed byMichael Sporn
Produced byGiuliana Nicodemi
Michael Sporn
Written byWilliam Steig
Maxine Fisher
Michael Sporn
Based onAbel's Island
by William Steig
StarringTim Curry
Lionel Jeffries
Heidi Stallings
Narrated byTim Curry
Music byArthur Custer
CinematographyGary Becker
Wolf Ferro
Edited byGregory Perler
Distributed byRandom House
Release date
  • June 2, 1988 (1988-06-02)
Running time
30 minutes
CountryUnited States

Abel's Island is an American 30-minute short animated film created in 1988 directed by Michael Sporn. It is based on the children's novel Abel's Island by William Steig. It was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1989 for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.



In 1988, Abel's Island was made into a 30-minute animated film, directed by Michael Sporn. Abel was voiced by Tim Curry, and Gower was voiced by Lionel Jeffries. In 1989, the movie won an Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Animated Film under an hour.


  • Book - William Steig
  • Director/Screenplay/Producer - Michael Sporn
  • Screenplay - Maxine Fisher
  • Executive Producer - Giuliana Nicodemi
  • Assistant Producer - Kit Hawkins
  • Music - Arthur Custer
  • Camera - Gary Becker and Wolf Ferro
  • Film Editing - Gregory Perler
  • Art Direction - Bridget Thorn
  • Assistant Director - Robert Marianetti

Rendering Artists

  • Ray Kosarin
  • Sono Kuwayama
  • Stephen Macquignon[1]
  • Betsy Bauer
  • Laura Bryson
  • George McClements
  • Christine O'Neill
  • Theresa Smythe
  • Michael Wisniewski



  • Arhtur Custer

Assistant Animators

  • George McClements
  • Ray Kosarin
  • Michael Wisniewski

Background Artists


  • Thomas Repasky

Pencil Test

  • Daniel Estermen


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