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Abel Foullon; France, (1513–1563 or 1565) was an author, director of the Mint for Henry II of France and also an engineer to the king of France after Leonardo da Vinci.

Usaige & Description de l'holometre, 1561

His Holometer is an instrument for making of angular measurements for surveying. In 1551, Henry II granted Abel a 10-year exclusive patent monopoly on the holometer in exchange for publishing a description of it. A description of an invention in a patent is called a patent “specification”. This first patent specification was entitled "Usaige & Description de l'holmetre". Publication was delayed until after the patent expired in 1561.[1]


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  • Chevalier de Brunet-Varennes: Holometer, oder neues sehr genaues Instrument, um Zeichnungen in der Geometrie, so wie alle Zeichnungen nach der Perspectiv-Kunst zu erleichtern. 15 S. Mit 1 Taf. In: Polytechnisches Journal. Hrsg. J. G. Dingler. Bd. 34.; Erschienen: Stuttgart, Cotta, 1829.


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