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This was the former ICBAS main building.

The Abel Salazar Biomedical Sciences Institute (in Portuguese, Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar) is a graduate medical and life sciences school of the University of Porto. The Institute is especially geared to scientific research and investigation.

Along with traditional medicine, including specialities such as oncology, public health and mental health, it also teaches acupuncture, marine biology, veterinary medicine, biochemistry and bioengineering.

It is named after Abel Salazar (1889–1946), a Portuguese physician, lecturer, researcher and painter who worked and lived in Porto.

On the main hall of the Institute, the famous maxim of Abel Salazar can be read:

"The one who only knows Medicine, not even Medicine does he know."

Teaching Affiliates[edit]

  • Oporto Hospital Centre|CHP
  • HGSA
  • Julio Dinis Maternity
  • Maria Pia Hospital

Student life[edit]

The Students Group for the Promotion of Integrative Medicine was founded in 2004. The students association - AEICBAS - has a website - www.aeicbasup.pt

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