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The Abel Tasman Inland Track is a 38 km tramping track that runs through the centre of the Abel Tasman National Park and is maintained by the Department of Conservation. It diverts from the main Abel Tasman Coast Track between Tinline Bay and Torrent Bay. Although the coast track has the reputation of being New Zealand's most popular walking track, the inland track is a much less walked route, with regular back-country huts.


Point Coordinates
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Marahau, southern gateway 40°59′45″S 173°00′18″E / 40.995745°S 173.005051°E / -40.995745; 173.005051 (Marahau, southern gateway)
Holyoake's Shelter 40°57′51″S 173°00′06″E / 40.964175°S 173.001611°E / -40.964175; 173.001611 (Holyoake's Shelter)
Castle Rocks Hut 40°57′42″S 172°57′13″E / 40.961683°S 172.953595°E / -40.961683; 172.953595 (Castle Rocks Hut)
Moa Park Shelter 40°56′17″S 172°56′09″E / 40.938024°S 172.935947°E / -40.938024; 172.935947 (Moa Park Shelter)
Track to Canaan car park 40°56′09″S 172°55′44″E / 40.935914°S 172.928776°E / -40.935914; 172.928776 (Track to Canaan car park)
Track to Wainui Hut 40°54′25″S 172°55′50″E / 40.907074°S 172.930559°E / -40.907074; 172.930559 (Track to Wainui Hut)
Awapoto Hut 40°51′46″S 172°56′19″E / 40.862912°S 172.938701°E / -40.862912; 172.938701 (Awapoto Hut)
Pigeon Saddle 40°49′58″S 172°58′08″E / 40.832799°S 172.968755°E / -40.832799; 172.968755 (Pigeon Saddle)
Wainui car park 40°48′34″S 172°57′22″E / 40.809564°S 172.956111°E / -40.809564; 172.956111 (Wainui car park)

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Coordinates: 40°56′17″S 172°56′09″E / 40.938024°S 172.935947°E / -40.938024; 172.935947 (Abel Tasman Inland Track - nominal location)