Abelardo Luz

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Abelardo Luz
Location in Santa Caterina
Location in Santa Caterina
Coordinates: 26°33′53″S 52°19′42″W / 26.56472°S 52.32833°W / -26.56472; -52.32833Coordinates: 26°33′53″S 52°19′42″W / 26.56472°S 52.32833°W / -26.56472; -52.32833
Country Brazil
State Santa Catarina
Elevation 760 m (2,490 ft)

Abelardo Luz is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Santa Catarina. The elevation is 760 m. The population in 2006 is 18,909. The area is 955 km². It is the birthplace of Brazilian football legend Falcão.

The municipality contains the 6,566 hectares (16,220 acres) Mata Preta Ecological Station, a fully protected area created in 2005.[1]


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