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Abenaston is located in Suriname
Location in Suriname
Coordinates: 4°27′N 55°22′W / 4.450°N 55.367°W / 4.450; -55.367
CountryFlag of Suriname.svg Suriname
Resort (municipality)Boven Suriname
 • Total~700

Abenaston is a village in Suriname with a population of about 700 people in 2005.[1] The population consists of Saramaka Maroons.[2]

The village was founded at its current location in the early 20th century with the help of the Moravian Church. There was a nearby settlement prior to that which was abandoned, because a feud had resulted in a part of the tribe moving to Botopasi.[3]

The village has a school, church, and a clinic.[1] The resources of the village are shared with the nearby village of Sukunal.[4]

Abenaston is located 3.0 nm from Pokigron[5] which is the end of the road. Villages to the south of Pokigron can only be accessed by boat.[6]

Coordinates: 4°27′N 55°22′W / 4.450°N 55.367°W / 4.450; -55.367


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