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Coat of Arms

The family Abensberg und Traun (the present spelling is mostly Abensperg-Traun), originally from the Upper Austrian Traungau, is an Austrian noble family and belongs to the oldest still existing aristocratic families in middle Europe. They are counted to the so-called “Apostel Houses”, meaning the very few families who already played a historical role at the time of the House of Babenberg (976 to 1246).

The County of Abensperg und Traun (or Abensperg-Traun) was a state of the Holy Roman Empire, formed by the family in 1653. Geographically, the state included modern-day Abensberg/Bavaria and the Austrian areas Traun, Petronell, Maissau, Rappottenstein, Wolkersdorf, Groß-Schweinbarth, Bockfließ and Bisamberg. To this day, the Abensperg und Trauns own large estates in these areas, as well as a number of castles and fortresses. In 1668, the Count of Abensperg-Traun also held the Lordship of Eglofs, which was later sold to the Windisch-Graetz in 1804.[1][2]

A notable Lord of Abensperg-Traun was Otto Ferdinand von Abensperg und Traun (1677-1748).


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