Aberdeen Burghs (UK Parliament constituency)

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Aberdeen Burghs
Former District of Burghs constituency
for the House of Commons
Subdivisions of Scotland Aberdeenshire, Kincardineshire, Forfarshire
Major settlements Aberdeen, Inverbervie, Arbroath, Brechin, Montrose
Number of members One
Replaced by Aberdeen
Montrose Burghs
Created from Aberdeen, Arbroath, Brechin, Inverbervie, Montrose

Aberdeen Burghs was a district of burghs constituency which was represented from 1708 to 1800 in the House of Commons of the Parliament of Great Britain, and from 1801 to 1832 in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It returned one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system until the seat was abolished for the 1832 general election.


The constituency consisted of the burgh of Aberdeen in the County of Aberdeen, the burgh of Inverbervie in the County of Kincardine, and the burghs of Arbroath, Brechin and Montrose in the County of Forfar.[1]


In 1832 the constituency was divided between the new constituencies of Aberdeen and Montrose Burghs. The Aberdeen constituency covered the burgh of Aberdeen, while Montrose Burghs covered the other burghs plus the burgh of Forfar, which was previously a component of the Perth Burghs constituency.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party
1708 John Gordon
1710 James Scott
1711 William Livingston
1713 John Middleton
February 1715 James Erskine
July 1715 John Middleton
April 1722 William Kerr
October 1722 John Middleton
1739 John Maule
1748 Charles Maitland
1751 David Scott
1767 Sir John Lindsay
1768 Thomas Lyon Pro-Administration Whig
1779 Adam Drummond
1784 Sir David Carnegie, Bt
1790 Alexander Callender
1792 Alexander Allardyce
Act of Union 1800 Parliament of Great Britain abolished,
Parliament of the United Kingdom created
1801 Alexander Allardyce
1802 by-election James Farquhar
1806 John Ramsay
1807 James Farquhar
1818 Joseph Hume Whig
1830 Sir James Carnegie, Bt
1831 Horatio Ross
1832 Constituency abolished