Rural Municipality of Aberdeen No. 373

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Aberdeen No. 373
Rural municipality
Aberdeen No. 373 is located in Saskatchewan
Aberdeen No. 373
Aberdeen No. 373
Location of Aberdeen No. 373 in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 52°19′55″N 106°16′12″W / 52.332°N 106.27°W / 52.332; -106.27Coordinates: 52°19′55″N 106°16′12″W / 52.332°N 106.27°W / 52.332; -106.27
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
 • Total 673.42 km2 (260.01 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 1,016
 • Density 1.5/km2 (3.9/sq mi)

Aberdeen No. 373 (2006 Population 765) is a rural municipality in north-central Saskatchewan, Canada on the South Saskatchewan River encompassing 673.43 square kilometers in area. It is located in census Division No. 15. The rural municipality has within its boundaries the Town of Aberdeen which has its own municipal council. Edenburg, Laniwci, Strawberry Hills, and Strawberry Ridge are a part of the R.M. for civic matters. The rural municipality in conjunction with the provincial government is in charge of maintenance of highways in its area. As well, the municipality provides policing, fire protection and municipal governance for the rural district, with a reeve as its administrator.

Major industry in the rural municipality include the Dreyfus Inland Grain Terminal (near CN line), Horizon Seed Processors pulse crop facility (also near the CN line) and the Hold On Industries manufacturing facility. The area economy is dominated by agriculture.[1]


Canada census – Rural Municipality of Aberdeen No. 373 community profile
2011 2006
Population: 1,016 (32.8% from 2006) 765 (-6.3% from 2001)
Land area: 673.42 km2 (260.01 sq mi) 673.43 km2 (260.01 sq mi)
Population density: 1.5/km2 (3.9/sq mi) 1.1/km2 (2.8/sq mi)
Median age: 39.5 (M: 39.6, F: 39.5) N/A (M: N/A, F: N/A)
Total private dwellings: 380 289
Median household income: $N/A
References: 2011[2] 2006[3] earlier[4]
N/A=Not Available
Visible minorities and Aboriginal population
Canada 2006 Census Population  % of Total Population
Visible minority group
South Asian 0 0
Chinese 10 1.3
Black 0 0
Filipino 0 0
Latin American 0 0
Southeast Asian 0 0
Arab 0 0
West Asian 0 0
Korean 0 0
Japanese 0 0
Mixed visible minority 0 0
Other visible minority 0 0
Total visible minority population 10 1.3
Aboriginal group
First Nations 0 0
Métis 10 1.3
Inuit 0 0
Total Aboriginal population 10 1.3
White 745 97.4
Total population 765 100


The rural municipality provides police, health, education and highway maintenance services to the rural areas within its townships. The services may be provided from one of the following communities within the municipality boundaries.

Saskatchewan Railways and Railway Stations[edit]

(historic or current)

  • C.N.R. Winnipeg-Edmonton Main Line—serves Vonda, Aberdeen, Clarkboro, Warman.[6]

Saskatchewan Highways and Roads[edit]

For more information see also List of Saskatchewan provincial highways

As the RM is responsible for snow removal, upkeep and repair in conjunction with the provincial highway department, this are the main Saskatchewan highways served by Aberdeen No. 373

Location relative to other Rural Municipalities[edit]

There are 298 rural local governments which are also called rural municipalities. They join from border to border with each other so that the entirety of the province of Saskatchewan has either a rm or urban municipal government to provide basic services.[7]

Heritage properties[edit]

There is one historical building located within the rural municipality, the St. Paul's Bergheim Evangelical Lutheran Church constructed in 1919 by early immigrants from Germany. The church is located on a 12-hectare parcel of land on Bergheim Road. The church is still in use.[8]


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