Abergavenny town walls

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Abergavenny town walls
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Farmyard below the town wall at Abergavenny - geograph.org.uk - 175302.jpg
View from the remains of Abergavenny's town wall
Abergavenny town walls is located in Wales
Abergavenny town walls
Abergavenny town walls
Shown within Wales
Coordinates 51°49′17″N 3°00′56″W / 51.82140°N 3.01544°W / 51.82140; -3.01544
grid reference SO299141
Type City wall

Abergavenny's town walls are a sequence of defensive walls built around the town of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, Wales.


After the Norman invasion of Wales in the 11th century, a castle was built at Abergavenny; this included a relatively small, walled town.[1] This town had a rectangle of wooden walls, protected by a "V" shaped ditch, stopping just short of the modern Cross Street.[2] In the 12th century this ditch was filled in, possibly because of a pressure on land in the town, and the town of Abergavenny then appears to have lacked any defences until the late 13th century.[1]

In the late 13th century a larger town wall was built around Abergavenny in stone, forming an oval shape, approximately 350 m by 215 m across.[3] The wall was paid for and maintained by murage, by which the king allowed a city to raise taxes on the imports of particular goods.[4]

By the 21st century, only occasional masonry remains of the medieval walls, although the line of the wall can be seen in the form of later buildings and walls.[5]

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Coordinates: 51°49′16″N 3°01′07″W / 51.8211°N 3.0185°W / 51.8211; -3.0185