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Aberlady Bay in East Lothian, Scotland lies between Aberlady and Gullane.

In 1952, Aberlady Bay became the UK's first Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and is served by the East Lothian Council Rangers.

The Scottish Ornithologists' Club has Waterston House as its headquarters at Aberlady, with panoramic views of the bay.

Aberlady Bay is part of the John Muir Way, a long distance footpath from Fisherrow (Musselburgh) to Dunglass. It is also the East Lothian Section of the transnational North Sea Trail, a path network connecting seven countries and 26 areas.


The wrecks of eight historic (19th or early 20th century) fishing vessels at Kilspindie have been designated as maritime scheduled ancient monuments.

Two wrecks of XT-craft, training versions of the X craft, can be seen. In 1946, the craft were towed to the bay, then moored to a concrete block and used for target practice by aircraft of the Royal Air Force. The wrecks of the submarines lie much closer to the low-water mark than the high-water mark, and tides in the bay rise very quickly.


Images of Aberlady Bay
Wreck of an XT-Craft - X Class submarine
Wreck of an XT-Craft 
Wreck of the same XT-Craft with a person in view showing scale
The same XT-Craft wreck with a person showing scale 
A derelict cart partly buried in the sand
The remains of a cart in 2007 
The remains of a ship, it's ribs remain sticking out of the sand
The wreck of a ship in 2006 
Aberlady Bay with a view looking over the Forth
Looking over the Forth 
A view across the salt marsh at Aberlady Bay
Aberlady Bay footbridge
Aberlady Bay footbridge 
Aberlady Bay footbridge as it looks towards a nature reserve
Footbridge towards the local nature reserve 
Aberlady Bay footbridge looking towards Luffness
Footbridge to Luffness 
A close up of the footbridge across the Peffer Burn
A close up view of the well known footbridge that crosses the Peffer Burn. Footbridge to Luffness 
Aberlady Bay in April 
Aberlady Bay in December 
View of Aberlady bay from Kilspindie
Aberlady Bay, from Kilspindie golf course 
Aberlady Point 

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