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City of CessnockNew South Wales
South Aberdare Colliery.jpg
Remains of old Aberdare South Colliery
Abernethy is located in New South Wales
Coordinates32°52′12″S 151°24′00″E / 32.87000°S 151.40000°E / -32.87000; 151.40000Coordinates: 32°52′12″S 151°24′00″E / 32.87000°S 151.40000°E / -32.87000; 151.40000[1]
Population348 (2016 census)[2]
 • Density41.42/km2 (107.27/sq mi)
Gazetted14 July 1915 (village)[4]
5 September 1975 (village)[5]
23 October 2015 (locality)[6]
Elevation90 m (295 ft)[8]
Area8.4025 km2 (3.2 sq mi)[9]
Time zoneAEST[10] (UTC+10)
 • Summer (DST)AEDT[11] (UTC+11)
State electorate(s)Cessnock[13]
Federal Division(s)Hunter[14]
Mean max temp[15] Mean min temp[15] Annual rainfall[15]
24.2 °C
76 °F
10.5 °C
51 °F
743.3 mm
29.3 in
Suburbs around Abernethy:
Kitchener Kearsley Elrington
Kitchener Abernethy Elrington
Quorrobolong Quorrobolong Quorrobolong

Abernethy is a small town in the City of Cessnock, in the Hunter Region in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Abernethy is located 8 kilometres south-east of the town of Cessnock, NSW and is adjacent to Werakata National Park and the Aberdare State Forest. The town was founded near a coal mine and some of the historic buildings remain (including the Abernethy Hotel which now operates as a guest house).

Mining history[edit]

The town's origins lie in the establishment of the Aberdare South Colliery which was operated by Caledonian Collieries Limited.[16] The town was laid out in 1906 and the mine commenced operation in 1913. The mine closed in 1927.[17]

Some structures of the old Colliery are still present on the site including the winder house, the chimney stack and dam.

Bushfire in 2002[edit]

On 19 October 2002, a large bushfire in Abernethy claimed the life of Sydney businessman Ronald Gillett, destroyed six homes and damaged many more.

A 2004 inquest found that the fire was deliberately lit "by persons unknown". A subsequent inquest reached a similar conclusion in 2008.[18] In February 2010, Police announced a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the arsonist.[19]

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  • "They called it Siberia : the story of the South Maitland 'coal rush', Aberdare South Colliery and Abernethy village" by Neville Robinson (NLA Catalogue Ref)

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