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Abertzale (Basque pronunciation: [aberts̻ale]; English: "patriot", literally "fond of the fatherland") is a Basque term usually referring to people or political groups who are associated with Basque nationalism.

Although the term is synonym of "patriot",[1] its common use in Basque mainly refers to Basque nationalism, whereas in the Spanish language of Spain abertzale means "Basque radical nationalist."[2] The use of the term by members and sympathizers of Herri Batasuna, and the fact that the followers of the Basque Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Vasco, PNV) call themselves jeltzales more than abertzales, has brought about a situation where in the Spanish language the word is at times associated with that particular leftist current of Basque nationalism.

Several organizations past and present have used this word in their official Basque-language names:

The term ezker abertzalea (abertzale left) is used to refer to parties or organisations which are Basque nationalist, but at the same time, left-wing. This may be marxist, communist, socialist or social-democratic. The term is used to distinguish these organisations from the usual traditionalist or conservative character of the Basque Nationalist Party.


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