Aberystwyth Town Council

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Aberystwyth Town Council
Aberystwyth Council's Logo
Councillor Brendan Somers
Councillor Steve Davies
Seats 19
Political groups
     Plaid Cymru (12)
     Liberal Democrats (4)
     Independents (3)
Last election
3 May 2012
Next election
4 May 2017
Meeting place
Siambr-y-Cyngor, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth, SY23 2BJ.

Aberystwyth Town Council (Welsh - Cyngor Tref Aberystwyth) is the community council that governs the five wards of Aberystwyth town. The council appoints a presiding officer who is then known as the Mayor of Aberystwyth. It holds the town's Borough Charter in trust, granted by King Edward I on 28th December 1277.[1] The current Mayor of Aberystwyth is Councillor Brendan Somers. The Mayor-Elect for 2016-17 is Councillor Steve Davies.

Aberystwyth council wards.

Aberystwyth town council comprises five wards - Bronglais, Central, North, Penparcau and Rheidol - electing between three and five town councillors each.

Clockwise, from the north, it borders the communities of Tirymynach, Faenor, Llanbadarn Fawr and Llanfarian.

Current composition[edit]

Group affiliation Members
Plaid Cymru 12
Liberal Democrat 4

Election history[edit]

Aberystwyth town council is made up of 19 councillors elected from the five wards. The last elections were in 2012, and resulted in the election of 10 councillors for Plaid Cymru, 5 for the Welsh Liberal Democrats and 3 independent councillors.[2]

Lucy Teresa Huws (Plaid Cymru) was elected for Bronglais Ward in November 2013.[3] Brendan Somers (Plaid Cymru) joined for Central Ward in January 2014[4] and Dr Talat Zafar Chaudhri (Plaid Cymru) joined for Penparcau in September 2015.[5]

2012 election[edit]

The 2012 Aberystwyth town council elections were held alongside the elections for Ceredigion County council on 3 May 2012. All 19 seats were up for election.[6]

Ward Party Town councillors elected 2012
Bronglais Plaid Cymru Alun Williams
Plaid Cymru Susan Jane Jones-Davies
Plaid Cymru Endaf Edwards
Plaid Cymru Christopher Griffiths
Central Liberal Democrat Ceredig Davies
Liberal Democrat Sarah Bowen
Plaid Cymru Carys Morgan
North Plaid Cymru Mark Strong
Independent Aled Davies
Plaid Cymru Jeff Smith
Penparcau Plaid Cymru Steve Davies
Independent Dylan Lewis
Plaid Cymru Mererid Jones
Plaid Cymru Kevin Price
Liberal Democrat Brenda Haines
Rheidol Liberal Democrat Wendy Morris-Twiddy
Plaid Cymru Brian Davies
Independent Mair Benjamin (Liberal Democrat until 15/05/2012[7])
Independent Martin Shewring

2008-2012 by-elections[edit]

By-election Date Incumbent party Result Candidate Reason[8]
Rheidol 18 September 2008 Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat Martin Shewring Resignation of Elian Lorrae Jones-Southgate
Penparcau 18 September 2008 Independent Plaid Cymru Owain Jones Death of Owen Jones
Central 25 November 2010 Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat Ceredig Davies Resignation of Trevor Shaftoe
Rheidol 4 August 2011 Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat Wendy Morris-Twiddy Resignation of Martin Shewring

2008 election[edit]

In the 2008 elections, 9 seats were won by Plaid Cymru, 6 by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, 2 by independents, 1 by Welsh Labour and 1 by the Green Party.[9]

Ward Party Town councillors elected 2008
Bronglais Plaid Cymru Alun Williams
Plaid Cymru Susan Jane Jones-Davies
Plaid Cymru Aled Davies
Plaid Cymru Ann-Marie Hinde
Central Liberal Democrat Alec Dauncey
Plaid Cymru Lyn Lewis Dafis
Liberal Democrat Trevor Graham Shaftoe
North Green Christopher Guy Borrill Simpson
Plaid Cymru Mark Strong
Plaid Cymru Dafydd Wyn Thomas
Penparcau Plaid Cymru Rob Gorman
Independent Goronwy Edwards
Plaid Cymru Steve Davies
Independent Owen Jones
Labour Richard Boudier
Rheidol Liberal Democrat Elian Lorrae Jones-Southgate
Liberal Democrat Sam Hearne
Liberal Democrat Mair Benjamin
Liberal Democrat Ceri Meehan

Mayoral history[edit]

Year Name[10] Party Notes
2016-17 Brendan Somers Plaid Cymru
2015-16 Endaf Edwards Plaid Cymru
2014-15 Brenda Haines Liberal Democrat
2013-14 Wendy Morris-Twiddy Liberal Democrat
2012-13 Dylan Lewis Independent
2011-12 Richard Boudier Labour General election candidate for Ceredigion.
2010-11 Samantha Hearne Liberal Democrat
2009-10 Trevor Shaftoe Liberal Democrat
2008-09 Susan Jones-Davies Plaid Cymru
2007-08 Lorrae Jones-Southgate Liberal Democrat Resigned June 2008.[11]
2006-07 Michael Jones Plaid Cymru
2005-06 Aled Davies Plaid Cymru
2004-05 John T. James Plaid Cymru Independent from March 2005.
2003-04 John T. James Plaid Cymru
2002-03 Carol Kolczak Liberal Democrat
2000-01 Jaci Taylor Plaid Cymru
1999-00 Siôn Jobbins Plaid Cymru
1998-99 Graham T. Parry Liberal Democrat
1997-98 Elin Jones Plaid Cymru
1996-97 Carol Kolczak Liberal Democrat
1995-96 Hywel Jones Independent Removed February 1996.
1994-95 Bob Griffin Liberal Democrat Husband of Rose Simpson.


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