Abhay Kumar Dubey

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Abhay Kumar Dubey
Nationality Indian
Occupation Journalist

Abhay Kumar Dubey is a social science scholar, translator, and editor. He directs the Indian Languages Programme at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

His current research focuses on the past, present, and future of Hindi (the national language of India) by looking into the configurations of its modernity. While underlining historically sustained structural conditions that are amenable to Hindi’s increasing status as an all-India link language, he prefers to investigate the plethora of Dalit, Muslim, and women’s writings to unravel the problems and prospects of the increased plurality of Hindi’s own cultural democracy. The outcome of his findings seeks to challenge established social science wisdom that imposes a secular-communal "quick-fix" on the history of Hindi.

Abhay also provides political commentary for a number of television channels in India


At present, Dubey is compiling a six-volume Hindi encyclopaedia of social sciences and humanities. He is also editing the refereed biannual social science journal Pratimaan. Under his editorship, the Indian Languages Programme has published eighteen volumes. In the early 1990s, his Kranti Ka Atam Sangharsh: Naxalwadi Andolan Ke Badalte Chehre Ka Adhyayan ("Study of the Changing Face of Naxalite Politics") became a bestseller and has gone through several reprints. There are four anthologies of his academic essays in the pipeline.

List of Books[edit]

  • Bharat Mein Rajniti - Kal Aur Aaj
  • World Famous Great Treasures
  • World Famous Brutal Murderers
  • Rajneeti Ki Kitab
  • Rastvad Ka Ayodhya Kand
  • Bharat Ka Bhoomandalikaran
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Rahasya
  • Adventures

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