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Also known as Illumination of the Abhisamayālankāra
Type Buddhist
Date 750
Language(s) Sanskrit, Tibetan
Author(s) Haribhadra

Abhisamayalankaraloka is "a commentary, by Haribhadra,[1] on the Asta-sahasrika-prajnaparamita-sutra."[2] This text is one of the most studied in Tibetan monasteries.[1] At present, there are still commentaries on this "commentary" being written and studied. Around the 10th or 11th century, it was translated into Tibetan.[1]

The Abhisamayalankaraloka was first edited by Giuseppe Tucci, in Gaekwad's Oriental Series, No. 26. Later, Unrai Wogihara edited it with the text of the Astasdhasrika-prajflfiparamita-sfitra.[3]


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