Abib and Apollo

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Saints Abib & Apollo
Born 4th century
Akhmim, Egypt
Died 4th November (4th century)
Venerated in Coptic Orthodox Church
Armenian Apostolic Church
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Syriac Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Feast 4th November

Abib and Apollo were two Christian ascetics from Akhmim, Egypt. They are mentioned in the Synaxarion, das ist der Heiligen-Kalendar del Koptischen Christen. Their feast day is celebrated on November 4.


Apollo was born in the City of Akhmim. Abib and Apollo were close colleagues who entered a monastery in Upper Egypt together.[1] Abib became a deacon and later died.[2] Apollo, distressed, moved deeper into the desert, near Mount Abluj, followed by a group of ascetics. St. Macarius wrote a letter to St. Apollo to confirm him and the monastery in their good works.[3]



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