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Princess Suraya Jah, Nawab Gowhar-i-Taj, Abida Sultan Begum Sahiba (شہزادی عابدہ سلطان) (28 August 1913 - 11 May 2002) was the eldest daughter of Hamidullah Khan, the last nawab of the Bhopal state. In 1928, she was recognized as the heiress apparent to the Bhopal throne. However, she gave up her right to the throne and migrated to the newly formed Pakistan in 1950.

In Pakistan, she joined the foreign service. Therefore, the Government of India excluded her from the succession and her younger sister Sajida succeeded her instead upon her father's death in 1960, although Abida Sultan contested the succession in court.

Abida Sultan had arrived in the newly created Pakistan at the age of 37, with a young son. She was to spend the greater part of her life in Pakistan. She died in Karachi in 2002. Her son, Shaharyar Khan, was to become the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan and then the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.