Abigail (telenovela)

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Screenshot of "Abigail" telenovela.JPG
Genre Telenovela
Created by Mariana Luján
Inés Rodena
Alberto Gómez
Directed by Luis Gaitán
Tito Rojas
Starring Catherine Fulop
Fernando Carrillo
Hilda Abrahamz
Romelia Agüero
Marisela Buitriago
Opening theme "Blanco y Negro" by Elisa Rego
"Selva" by Elisa Rego
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 257[1]
Executive producer(s) Luis Francisco Peraza
Location(s) Caracas
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) RCTV
Distributor RCTV International
Original network RCTV
Original release December 1, 1988 – December 30, 1989

Abigail (1988-1989) is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Elizabeth Alezard, Alberto Gómez, Mariana Luján, Amparo Montalva, and María Helena Portas and directed by Tito Rojas. This telenovela lasted 257 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.

Catherine Fulop and Fernando Carrillo starred as the main protagonists with Hilda Abrahamz as an antagonist.[2]


Abigail, an exceptionally beautiful schoolgirl, vents her mischievousness on her professors and nuns, causing continual distractions. Her conduct is a reflection of a discontented life. Her mother died when Abigail was very young. Her father, wealthy and flirtatious, has time only for business and women - and none for Abigail.

One of Abigail’s desires is to capture the affections of her literature professor, Carlos Alfredo Ruiz, an intelligent young man, handsome and advanced in his studies, but beneath Abigail’s social class. Abigail’s rival for Carlos Alfredo’s love is Maria Clara Martinez, who is a fine woman, more suitable for him. Carlos Alfredo holds onto this attachment to avoid being snared by Abigail’s amorous designs. This is the background for the tumultuous saga Abigail faces: tormented love, and unhappy marriage, insanity, her adored child, uncaring relatives, and most important of all her untiring love for Carlos Alfredo.[3][4]


Theme song[edit]

The theme songs to Abigail were:

1. "De carne y hueso" - Pedro Pardo.

2. "Selva" - Elisa Rego (author: Jose Ignasio Martin).

3. "Blanco y Negro" Elisa Rego (author: Jose Ignasio Martin).


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