Abigail Goodrich Whittelsey

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Abigail Goodrich Wittelsey
Born (1788-11-29)November 29, 1788
Ridgefield, Connecticut
Died July 16, 1858(1858-07-16) (aged 69)
Colchester, Connecticut
Nationality American
Occupation Editor

Abigail Goodrich Wittelsey (November 29, 1788, Ridgefield, Connecticut - July 16, 1858, Colchester, Connecticut) was an American editor who provided in her magazine information and instructions on the role of mothers.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Born as the daughter of a clergyman she became the elder sister of Samuel Griswold Goodrich.[1] She was also sister to Charles A. Goodrich who became a Congregational minister. Abigail Goodrich married in 1808 reverend Samuel Whittelsey, a Congregational minister in New Preston.[2] They lived from 1824 till 1828 in Canandaigua, New York, where Abigail worked matron of the Ontario Female Seminary, managed by her husband. In 1828 they moved to Utica, New York to establish their own girls’ seminary.[1]

Mother's Magazine[edit]

The Mother's Magazine first appeared in January 1833, published by the Maternal Association of Utica. In 1834 it was transferred to New York City after the Whittelseys moved there. The Magazine reached a circulation of 10,000 in 1837. Her husband died in 1842 and Abigail was assisted by Reverend Darius Mead, her brother in law who is an editor of Christian Parlor Magazine. After Mother's Magazine got merged with the rival Mother's Journal and Family Visitant in 1848, Abigail resigned. She than launched with the help of her son Henry in 1850 Mrs. Whittelsey’s Magazine for Mothers which she kept up for two years.[1] The Magazine was limited to language of theology.[3]


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