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Abigail Tarttelin
Born 13 October 1987 (1987-10-13) (age 30)
Grimsby, Humberside, England
Occupation Author
Known for Flick, Golden Boy
Website http://www.abigailtarttelin.com/

Abigail Jane Kathryn Tarttelin (born 13 October 1987) is an English novelist who began her career as an actress. Her second book, Golden Boy, was described as a "dazzling debut" by Oprah's Book Club.[1] Published in 2013, the book has rapidly been translated into numerous languages[2][3][4] and saw the author listed amongst the Evening Standard's "25 people under 25".[5]

Early life[edit]

Tarttelin was born in Grimsby, Humberside. Her paternal grandfather is artist David Tarttelin. At the age of 16, she trained with the National Youth Theatre and the New York Film Academy school in France, acting in over 20 short films.[6] Of these films, La Geode by New York artist Theresa Hong appeared in the Official Selection of the New York Short Film Festival, the LA Shorts Fest, and Strasbourg Film Festival.[7][8]


Film and Television[edit]

In her first acting role Tarttelin played Fenella in The Butterfly Tattoo.[8] The following year she took the starring role in independent sci-fi Schrodinger's Girl[9] (now titled Triple Hit)[10] in which she played three versions of the same woman in parallel worlds.[11] The film premiered in 2009 at the San Diego Comic-Con International. She attended Comic-Con and Cannes Film Festival with The Butterfly Tattoo and Triple Hit, and in 2009 became one of only two actresses to make it into Moviescope magazine's "ones to watch" selection of British artists working in independent film.[12][13][14][15] She also appeared in the film Three Stags, directed by Mark Locke, and bilingual thriller Taxi Rider in 2010.[16] In addition her involvement with Equity (trade union) saw her elected as Chairperson for the inaugural Young Members' Committee.

Her directing credits include the trailers for Flick[17] and Golden Boy,[18] the music video for Michael Reeve's cover of Flume by Bon Iver,[19] and in 2016 a television pilot called The Danelaw.

Most recently she was asked to be involved in the judging process on the main jury for the 2016 BIFA's (British Independent Film Awards).


Tarttelin's debut novel, Flick, was first published by Beautiful Books in April 2011. The rights have since been purchased by W&N who republished the novel in May 2015. The story follows a disaffected teenage boy named Flick in a small factory town in northern England, where "bleak and sometimes treacherous circumstances make the taste of a love affair even sweeter." It was hailed "a slow-burn cult classic" by GQ who found it "both authentic and compelling"[20]

In 2013, she published her second novel Golden Boy, about an intersex teenager. It has since been published in Chinese,[21] Spanish[22] and Portuguese.[23] It won a 2014 Alex Awards from the American Library Association,[24] was one of School Library Journal's best books of 2013,[25] and was shortlisted for the 2014 LAMBDA Award for Best Debut LGBT Fiction.[26] The book has been well received by readers and the film rights are also in discussion.[27][28][29][30][31]

Her third novel, Dead Girls, is due to be published in the UK in April 2018.

In addition to her three novels Tarttelin has worked as a screenwriter for Academy Award shortlisted[32] filmmaker Chris Jones.[33] as well as writing the screenplay for the television pilot of The Danelaw. She has also written for the blog Women & Hollywood[34] and founded and edits the publication I Hope You Like Feminist Rants.



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