Abigail and Roger

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Abigail and Roger
Genre Sitcom
Starring Julie Webb
David Drummond
Rosina Enright
John Stone
Grace Denbigh-Russell
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 9
Running time 20 minutes
Original network BBC Television Service
Original release 4 July – 29 August 1956

Abigail and Roger was a British sitcom that aired on the BBC Television Service in 1956. It was written by Kelvin Sheldon. The programme saw Julie Webb and David Drummond play Abigail and Roger, an engaged couple living in London bedsits. The series is thought to no longer exist.


  • Julie Webb – Abigail
  • David Drummond – Roger
  • Rosina Enright – Shirl
  • John Stone – Clive
  • Grace Denbigh-Russell – Mrs Moloch


Abigail and Roger are an engaged couple living separately in bedsits in London. Abigail is a shorthand typist, who is outspoken and very capable domestically, she can mend a fuse, cook, drive and so on. Roger works in the City and is into keeping fit and planning for their future. Much of the humour arose from the different attitudes to life, and their interest in the attractions of London.


The show was originally meant to run for thirteen weeks, as a summer replacement for the soap opera The Grove Family, but in fact only ran for nine weeks. The entire series is thought to be lost.

Episode No. Original Broadcast Date
1 4 July 1956
2 11 July 1956
3 18 July 1956
4 25 July 1956
5 1 August 1956
6 8 August 1956
7 15 August 1956
8 22 August 1956
9 29 August 1956


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