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Abiha or Abeeha
Gender Female
Language(s) Arabic
Meaning her father
Other names
See also Fatima az-Zahra Razi Allah tala Anhu

Abiha or Abeeha (Arabic: ابیھا‎‎), (Urdu: ابیھا‎) is an Arabic name. Its meaning is "her father" which was given to Fatima az-Zahra Razi Allah tala Anhu by the Islamic prophet Muhammad as "Umm Abiha".[1]


Word "Abiha" means "her father" and it is an Arabic name deducted from "Umm Abiha" means "mother of her father".


Abiha is an Arabic word whose meaning is "her father". Muhammad gave a name "Umm Abiha" to His daughter Fatima az-Zahra, its meaning is "mother of her father".